Feature | Sci-Fi, Suspense, Mystery

“In a future where carnivorous plants have transformed Britain into a deadly Eden a father hides his mutated daughter on an isolated farm. When a wounded female soldier – whose superiors are dedicated to exterminating mutants – appears out of the forest, close to death, the pair must nurse her back to health whilst hiding the daughter’s true nature from exposure. But, in doing so, all manner of terrible truths are brought to light.”


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TV Series: 60 min | Sci-Fi, Drama

“After a race of apparently all-female aliens arrive on Earth they offer advanced technology in exchange for resources to repair their damaged mothership, but only on the condition they never deal with men. Virtually overnight human patriarchal structures are undermined: the aliens’ presence throws humanity’s assumptions about gender into violent disarray, whilst cloaking the visitors’ deeper motives.”



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TV Series: 60min | Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama

“In an authoritarian near-future UK the ability to hack human brains is used to enhance or control behaviour by both the government and low-level hustlers. When a young Muslim woman suffers a shocking act of racial violence she enlists a black market brain hacker to medically remove her fear reflex and add psychopathic traits, allowing her to fight back against the racists whilst risking her basic humanity in the process… (set in the same story universe as SLEEPWORKING)”



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Feature | Sci-Fi, Horror, Suspense, Mystery

“After humanity has been decimated by a bizarre extraterrestrial first-strike which weaponises the very colours around us a group of survivors must try to endure in the post-apocalyptic wreckage where any seemingly innocent part of the environment might become deadly at a moment’s notice…”



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Feature | Sci-Fi, Horror, Suspense, Mystery

“When a video game designer starts treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder her Therapist becomes increasingly alarmed as her symptoms somehow start ‘infecting’ the world around her, and distorting reality in ever more terrifying ways which mimic the repetitions of her disorder.”


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